Case Study: Secure File Transfer

by Xiliary Systems Ltd.

Our client wanted a customer-facing secure file transfer system. The major requiremens included high security, custom branding, and audit capability.

The security requirement was very high as files sent by this system could potentially be very sensitive. We provided an extra layer of end-to-end encryption where only the sender (our client) had the key to decrypt the file. This meant not even our Xiliary staff could decrypt files and our client had full control of who they shared the decryption key with. We also included the ability to set a timeout for a file, after which the file would be made unavailable. We also allowed the number of downloads to be restricted to a certain number. Both of these mechanisms to make files unavailable reduce the expose of sensistive data.

It was important for our client that we could also put their company branding over our system to ensure our client's customers had high visible assurances they were working with an approved system.

In addition, our client wanted the ability to audit when and from where their data was being accessed from. The transfer system records this information and our client can view a chronological list of all files, access dates, and download IP addresses.

This file transfer system has been deployed for other insurance companies since and is still in use years later.

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