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Xiliary Systems Ltd.

Xiliary Systems is a software provider with a focus on simplicity.

Many software companies attempt to force-fit their generic flagship software system into your business.

We build software by first understanding your use case in detail. We then provide a short proposal and statement of work. During development we remain agile by frequently showing you features as they are being developed. Through this process we build on-budget software from the ground up to closely match your requirements and avoid unnecessary complexity.

We support software through the complete software lifecycle. We offer lightweight and responsive support contracts which include system upgrades.

Case Studies

  • In 2010 we simplified document management by replacing a generic legacy system and migrating all customer data to a fit-for-purpose on-premises system. Read more.

  • We secured sensitive file transfers with a customer-facing system with end-to-end encryption and custom branding. Read more or try our demo.

  • We removed the friction of a frequently-conflicting excel spreasheet with a central time management system. Read more.

  • We moved fast to build a covid contact tracing service early in 2020. Read more.

  • We enabled quick email notifications for software developers with the world's simplest Email API. Read more or try our demo.

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